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A Moveable Feast

France & America Community

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Dedicated to the France/America relationship!
This community is dedicated to the rather complicated relationship between France and America, as personified in Hetalia.

We are open to any and all fanworks and discussion featuring these two nations, whether it be as lovers, friends, enemies, brothers, or any combination there-of. This is not solely a pairing community, though of course that's quite welcome!


1) Play nice!
That means no bashing, flaming, or spam. No plagiarism either!

2) Use labels, tags, and cuts appropriately please!

Here is a template for labeling fanworks:

Character(s) or Pairing(s):

Tags are awesome. Please use them. And labeling the subject line helps too. For example [FIC] [ART] or [DISCUSSION], etc.

The following things belong under a cut:

-any images over 300x300, or when you do an icon post, keep your "preview" images to a maximum of 3 preview pics.
-any images that are considered not worksafe (MAKE SURE TO MARK THEM AS NOT WORKSAFE). This would include sexually explicit pictures or extremely violent pictures

Fake links are permitted.

3) On Icons: I would like to at least try to be Olive Branch compliant. That said, people have different views on using fanart in icons. Therefore, you may do so here, but please link to the site/give credit to the artist.

Please be respectful of other people's works. (This goes with the playing nice rule too.)

I recommend using a friends lock for doujinshi scanlations and such.

4) Let's be On Topic! You are more than welcome to share fanworks featuring other pairings, so long as the relationship between France and America is the primary focus of the work. For instance, brotherly bonding between America and Canada while America is sleeping with France, America longing for England and turning to France for comfort and advice, etc.


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russiamerica (RussiaxAmerica)
usaxcanada (CanadaxAmerica)
hetalia_pairs (various pairings)
baltic_nations (Baltic nations; various pairings)
raising_states (America mpreg)
thatwinebastard (France)
snowysiestas (SpainxCanada)
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